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Shaka’s lo-fi Experience is Joaquim de Brito’s first solo musical project. “Not Guilty of Being” is its inaugural LP — an album created to be experienced as a whole, each track a musical journey merging into deeper meanings. The opening track greets you and asks if you’re up for being guided through the sound shapes and paths created by Shaka’s Berimbau and effect-pedals. The Experience then takes you on a trip through issues, questions, and personal insights, all of them expressed through sound. Along the way, Shaka pays tribute to his heroes Naná Vasconcelos and Jimi Hendrix.

Loafing Hero - Jabuti

A song was written and recorded each day from scratch with voice and nylon guitar in a Zen monastery in the jungle in the interior of Brazil.

Entering the thick present, with the rain, birds, monkeys, insects, lizards, frogs and river-turtle for company. The album is a journey through the heart of Brazil by an Irish person tracing ghosts from a recent and distant past, into a realm where the dead are never really dead. On returning to Lisbon, Bartholomew added more guitar; while from Berlin, Tadklimp played and recorded percussion, guitars, bass, piano and fx.

Miguel Girão - Prologue

Miguel Girão’s first solo studio album, Prologue, offers a fresh take on folk music with a blend of traditional and original tracks. Born and raised in Portugal, Miguel embraced the musical traditions of numerous countries, including Ireland, England and the United States, to produce an album that takes listeners on an undulating journey through time and place.

The Tourorists - Enhanced Interrogation in a Fun​-​Sized Can EP

Enhanced interrogation in a fun-sized can” is the Tourorists debut EP.  It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Waldron-Hyden, partly in Trafka Studios, Lisbon, and partly in a subterranean submarine bunker in Sevastopol, Crimea (Russia or Ukraine), as the previous decade came to a screeching halt.

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