• Gardening with… Mr.Bubble - “Gardening with” is an ongoing series exploring the performance of sounds in all shapes and forms. Capturing that spark, the essence of an artist, as they perform their music live. The first edition saw long-time Gardener, Shaka and his lo-fi experience take to a back garden to perform his piece “Refugee”. This next one features […]
  • The dog-days of July | Arroz Estúdios | Cacilhas | Lisbon - The last event in our summer series has come and gone, closing an incredibly good (and incredibly long) series of events that have seen artists from all over the world collaborate at Garden Collective. Big thanks to Arroz Estúdios & Culture Ireland and we’ll see you all in September for more shenanigans. /////// The Dog Days of […]

Who We Are and What We Do.

A collective and platform for people to create, share and collaborate across all areas of art and culture. Born in Cork, Garden collective is formed of a diverse group now based in Lisbon, where we blend roots with shoots and do cool stuff.

Are you an artist, musician or creator?

Whether you’ve been a professional guitarist for the past three decades, or you make shadow puppets in your bedroom, we want to hear from you!

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