Garden’s Paddy’s Weekend Special

Remember that Welshman who killed loads of pagans in ancient Ireland and introduced a new religion? Ya, well apparently his name was Patrick, he was a saint, and he told us all that they were snakes. We didn’t want to celebrate past deaths, religious rituals or the killing of snakes. No! We wanted to celebrate […]

Garden X

Garden X Lisbon Marinho

Now at our third installment at Arroz Estúdios, we’re really getting into the swing of things. Garden number 10 saw big crowds, amazing artists and some of the best food yet! We were lucky enough to have a whole host of musicians fly in from Cork, Ireland, and an artist make his way here from Germany […]

The Shed

While now based in Lisbon, we packed our bags and headed back to greener shores for a much needed Cork party! What a beautiful night it was! Thank you, thank, you, thank you to the massive amount of performers who did their thing, to all the artists who displayed their work, to all our friends […]