Osvaldo Wiebbeling (BACO)

Osvaldo Wiebbeling is a Brazilian carpenter, tailor, and proud owner of BACO, a brand of clothing/accessories made from recycled and found materials. After leaving his hometown of Cascavel, Brasil, in 2018, he headed for Galway, Ireland, where he spent eight months studying English and having a top laugh. He then moved on to Portugal, where […]

The Tourorists

Your name/stage name: My name is Ilya, aka Communistopher Gomez. Close friend Eddie, aka Fodas O’Neil, is, musically speaking, the yin to my yang (or the Beavis to my Butthead, for you older kids). Together we make up the core of The Tourorists. Our other close friend Joaquim, aka Shaka, has recently become a full-time […]


Your name: The name is MagMell. It stands for “plain of joy” in north mythology, and although the musical background that existed when deciding the name of the band is no longer what we perceive in terms of aesthetics, it accurately represents the feeling we aim to deliver in our performances. Where are you from […]


Synik is a Lisbon-based hip-hop artist who has played more than one Garden Collective event, with a unique, captivating and truly special performance every time.


Name: Inni-K Where are you from and where are you based?I’m from Co. Kildare and based, for the last number of years, in Dublin. Dublin is hot at the moment for music, for folk music especially. I really like the scene in Dublin. Whereas a number of years ago, singer-songwriters were in vogue, people are […]

Alexandra Soulfire

Alexandra Soulfire is a poet, musician, singer, songwriter… the list could go on. Let’s just say, she’s very talented, and we’re really lucky that she performed an amazing set for the whole Garden crew.

James McBreen

James McBreen is a visual artist with work ranging from static images to wall-sized projections. Playful, striking and visually brilliant.

Mick Mengucci

Name: Michele Mengucci / Mick Mengucci or (formerly) Misturapura Where are you from and where are you based?I am from Rimini, Italy but I’ve lived in Lisbon since 1998. When I came here I was already playing Brasilian music in bars and started composing there, under the influence of samba and Afro-Brasilian groove from Bahia […]


Name:Birth name – Oliver JonesStage name – O.J.Jones /O.J.Jones one man blues band (when playing solo) Where are you from and where are you based?I originally grew up in the south of England. Behind our home were cow fields for a long way and in front was forest. Not to complain, I spent a lot […]

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