Confining yourself as an artist can be extremely creatively rewarding. After reading an article about the subject, Garden DJ, organiser and filmographer supreme, Senhor Santos, decided to try it. “In films, I have always been drawn towards longer shots (or “oners”) and the multitude of factors that go into making the shot interesting and fluid for the viewer.”

“There are several aspects that need to be thought about for each “oner”. First, because of the lack of camera movement, the whole frame has to be interesting and complimentary to the piece. When I pick a location, I don’t want the viewer to notice everything the first time they watch it — a new detail should be revealed with each watch.

Secondly, the performer. Two questions must be asked before the shoot takes place: does their style of dance suit the music? and do both these aspects suit the location? The style of dance is not something that I necessarily want to match to the genre of music. With the dancer’s interpretation of the music being of more importance for me. That said, I do match styles such as presenting a hip hop track to a ballet dancer.”
– Senhor Santos

The intention of this series is to let a performer intertwine naturally with their environment and a piece of music without the distraction of camera movement, hence the series’ title, Locked Off.

Check out the series so far:

Colm K // Beginnings

boy regan // wantuanymore

Jarjarjr // Close Encounter

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