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The core of Garden Collective has always been live events. Gathering the weird and wonderful together for nights (and days) of poetry, art, music, film, theatre, puppetry, and pretty much anything else we come across. Check out our previous events and what we’ve got planned for the future.


Arroz Estudios | 24/10/2020

Nilly Noon
RENV (dj)
Daniel Benegassi
Senhor Santos (dj)
Mergulho Collective on food duties


Unobvious Lab | 03/10/2020

Foggy – Live act
Senhor Santos – DJ set
O Discover – DJ set

September flowers

Arroz Estudios | 26/09/2020

Breno Laureano & band
DJ Huba
Mariana Badan
Mark Waldron-Hyden
Izzy trafka
Garden DJs

Muito agosto

Arroz Estudios | 23/08/2020

The Saravá
Totally Together
Maria Giulia Pinheiro
m o u r a d o r e s


Garden on a rooftop

This is Lisbon Hostel | 19/07/2020

K.P Ring
Nacho Carillo
Senhor Santos


PORT to PORT 2 day music festival

Arroz Estúdios | 22/23 March 2020

2 day festival featuring 30+ artists from Ireland, Portugal and further afield that, due to Covid-19, had to be moved online for health & safety reasons but held through to it’s aim of keeping people connected.

You can revisit our digital interpretation of it here.


Dona Palavra

Boteco Dona Beija - "Bar lá de Baixo" | 13/02/2020

6 poets of various styles and languages perform in 10-minute quick-fire slots followed by two featured poets. Topped off by the house band laying down some music for some improv/open-mic poetry.

Pints for the planet

Má Lingua | 15/12/2019

Fundraiser and educational talk with the Wildlings. The wildlings are a collective of young professionals who exchanged their city life for one close to nature. They are changing the game by implementing a business model based on 4Returns, which includes a 1000ha wildlife area. They believe that rewilding our landscape as well as our human selves, without compromising on modern day comfort, provides the answer towards today’s social and environmental problems. 🌱

Ethical assembly showcase

Gate 67, Beato | 09/11/2019

A three-day event exploring topics like climate change, environmental
protection, circular design, sharing economy, ethical fashion, social
entrepreneurship, activism and more.
Local Artist Showcase:
Jenny Hayes – Smoked Falmon – Carolina Zingler – Senhor Santos – SmokedFalmon

Garden Presents: Inni-k @ Má Lingua

Má Lingua | 29/10/2019

An intimate gig with the incredible Inni-k hosted in our second home, Má Lingua.

Ginjal Halloween special

Arroz Estúdios | 26/10/2019

LX Poetas – Shaka’s lofi experience – Nilly Noon
O.J.Jones One Man Blues Band – Inni-K
MickMengucci  – XAFU – Steven Rice
Senhor Santos – Guy from 1990
& Flash Tattoos
Art Exhibitions by: James McBreen, Maria Ferreira, Batu Leon, Renato Domingues, TRESA, Maria Soares de Oliveira & Daniele Grosso

Sean-nós Traditional Irish Singing Workshop with Inni-K

Arroz Estúdios | 26/10/2019

A two-hour informative, interactive and fun workshop in Arroz Estúdios in which participants learn to sing two songs in Gaeilge (Irish language), in the sean-nós tradition, led by singer-songwriter Eithne Ní Catháin : Inni-K.

Dancing in september

Arroz Estúdios | 28/09/2019

DeVibe – King Crível – Foggy – Eladio Cardoso
Tourorists – Senhor Santos – Trol2000 – Clare Kelly

Art Exhibition by Abia Karim


The dog-days of July

Arroz Estúdios | 27/07/2019

Elaine Malone – Synik – DeVibe
Max Dade – Jenny Hayes  – Dennis as a Landlord
Luis Perdigao – Senhor Santos

Photography Exhibition by Patricia Imbarus


Garden takeover

Capitão Leitão | 27/07/2019

A midsummer's night

Arroz Estúdios | 29/06/2019

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