On the Lineup: Jhon Douglas Band

"It is color, traces and masks that Jhon says he collects from lives not lived."

Our alternative St Patrick’s day in Lisbon is shaping up nicely, and we’re really excited to announce the incredible Jhon Dougles Band as part of our weekend lineup.

Jhon came from the jungle, free of preconceptions and preconceived ideas. With an agonizing lucidity that every day we leave our dreams for tomorrow. Born in the Amazon, he ventures into the world of painting, street art, design, music and everything that allows him to create his own world, where he can create without limitations. Stimulated by Nature, by the characteristic simplicity of a country town, he takes us on a ramble through the lives he has crossed paths with along the way, guides us and makes us lose ourselves through references and influences from travel, skateboarding, pure experiences and disquieting questions. It is color, traces and masks that Jhon says he collects from lives not lived. He lives to avoid commodity, to avoid the guarantees they want to impose on us.

ūüďł Daryan Dornelles (@daryandornelles)

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