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Port to Port 2020 ran online in the face of the pandemic, but we still had a host of incredible musicians and artists take part. One such artist is: Mark Waldron-Hyden

Mark Waldron-Hyden is a composer, producer and sound artist originally from Cork, Ireland. His work revolves around investigating how we can enter compositional partnerships with nature through free improvisation and the naturally occurring rhythmic and percussive soundscapes in our surroundings. 

Mark is the co-founder of the label Sunshine Cult Records, from which he has released his most recent studio album “Future Life Continuity”. In 2021, he has released a collection of experimental field recording compositions, including “Trees As A Musical Controller” on Sensory Leakage records (UK) an album composed using only the percussive sounds of trees and “Natural Rhythms: Healing Well/Old Bridge” (Anticipating Nowhere Records, UK) which consists of two long-form underwater recordings of rivers and ancient wells in Ireland. 

Check out an exclusive mix he made for Garden here:

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Instagram: @markwaldronhyden

Twitter: @M_WaldronHyden


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