October Halloween Special

Garden and Arroz’s last party in the studio by the Rio Tejo, Cacilhas. Samhain/Halloween 2019. Behind them Blue doors on Rua Ginjal, Cacilhas was the home of Arroz Estúdios for a year. Amazing things happened there and Garden Collective was all too lucky to get stuck right in the middle of all the madness and […]

Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience

This is the first video of “Gardening with…” video series with longterm friend of Garden, Joaquim de Brito (aka Shaka). Shaka has been very supportive of the Garden project from the get-go and has also played several of our events with various projects. “Shaka’s lo-fi experience” is the name he has given this particular project […]

Garden’s LockedOff Series: the Who, What and Why

Confining yourself as an artist can be extremely creatively rewarding. After reading an article about the subject, Garden DJ, organiser and filmographer supreme, Senhor Santos, decided to try it. “In films, I have always been drawn towards longer shots (or “oners”) and the multitude of factors that go into making the shot interesting and fluid […]

Urban Gardening with KONE

We invited a good garden friend and artist supreme Con O’Brien (aka “Kone”) over to do a live paint at the Garden event in Arroz Estúdios (Garden X – 9/02/19) and also to team up with the local Lisbon council and Embassy of Ireland, Portugal for a street mural that set sights high. The expectation […]

Colm K // Beginnings

This is the first video in a new Garden series entitled “Locked Off”, featuring a track Cork stalwart Colm K entitled “Beginnings”. It comes from his recent EP Beginnings/Six Four Hundred which was released earlier this year on Tiff Joints.

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