That’s right, we’ve entered the Web3 space on the Near protocol, marking one small step for Garden but one giant leap for Garden kind. 

What does this mean for us?

New people!

New Projects!

New channels!

and beyond!!!

And for you? Well, get in touch and find out more…

Garden Collective is exploring the intersection of web3, art and culture. We’re navigating the hype to figure out how this emerging tech might impact the events we produce and the artists we work with. So far, this has involved NFT tickets, digital series and residencies to support artists and showcase their work, and livestreamed events.

Since Garden Collective always has been and always will be based in the real world, we’re figuring out how web3 tech can support what we already do rather than shifting our priorities and passions. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re having fun getting there.

If you want to learn a little more, we recently did a radio interview that might help shed a bit more light on what we’re up to as a DAO and you can listen here to Part One and Part Two.

Check out some of the projects that we’ve worked on so far. There are plenty more in the works and if you’d like to get involved yourself, reach out! 

Foggy Album Launch

We captured the evening and minted it as a series of commemorative NFTs. Additionally, we explored how to use redeemable NFTs for tickets and IRL CDs.

The Balearic Islands Analog Photography

A series of photographs by Patricia Imbarus. This NFT is a 3XR custom gallery created by gardencollective.near

"This Time Goes By Slowly" - Sowing Seeds Residency

A series of six NFT's created as part of the monthly artistic residence "Sowing Seeds" promoted by Garden Collective. By exploring engraving, drawing and collage techniques I tried to bend the limits between 2D and 3D through textures and depths that resulted in this final image. - Bárbara de Sousa

Sowing Seeds - Maria Ferreira

This series was developed for the Sowing Seeds residency with Garden Collective (April 2022) by Maria Ferreira.

Music Video for AchoNacho

With the EP already in the mastering phase we now move our attention to the first single from it - La Senda. For this we intend to create a flowing and musically guided piece to accompany the story that Nacho has laid out in his lyrics.

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