The Tourorists were birthed in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2017. The Tourorists were first two, Fodasse O’Neill (Cork, Éire) and Comunistopher Gomes (USA, RU, …. PT) but then they were three with the addition of Shaka Khannot (PT, Space). The Tourorists have about 15 to 20 original songs. These songs are about love, death, sudden loss of employment, homeless etiquette, god’s questionable orgasms, Behemoth the Cat, and other stuff too, and are good. You can feel them below.

For their first international tour, The Tourorists are once again not three but two. Due to ongoing lack of funds and proper paperwork, as well as the global housing crisis, the first and only stop on The Twororists’ international tour is Ireland. This may be either good or bad for the  good people of Ireland.


The full muti session including interview recorded in Waahs Studios in Lisbon.

One-Man Band – Official Music Video

From The Tourorists’ second EP “Project Hector” released on May 14th, 2022.

Video produced by CamCat :

A huge thanks to S.Awry, Garden Collective, muti collective, Mark Waldron-Hyden, Foggy and Waahs Studios.

Marked Man – Official Music Video

Produced in Benfo Studios and directed by NillyNoon.

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