We invited a good garden friend and artist supreme Con O’Brien (aka “Kone”) over to do a live paint at the Garden event in Arroz Estúdios (Garden X – 9/02/19) and also to team up with the local Lisbon council and Embassy of Ireland, Portugal for a street mural that set sights high. The expectation was built from the start and Con most certainly delivered.

Jazzfeen and JarJarJr., who were also over for the event, tagged along on the day with their bits and bobs to record some samples and run off for a quick record dig. The end result? A collaboration track made there and then by the two producers using only materials from that day to soundtrack the video!

The video says more than what can be written so we will leave you to it. If you want to find out more about the content of the piece, there is brief run-down of the concept below the video.


“The project is a reflection on the historical and cultural links between Portugal and Ireland, while also inviting viewers to think of the future and where their roads may lead them. The proverb (seanfhocal) “Bíonn siulach scéalach”, as with many old Irish sayings, has no direct translation to English. It roughly translates, however, as “Travellers have tales to tell” and in Portuguese to “Viajantes tém estórias”.

Lisboa is a melting pot of cultures, characters, visitors, locals and travellers all with their own stories to tell. The phrase has personal meaning for us as a collective and as a group of friends. We have all travelled here from all corners of the world and we have bonded, laughed and learned from so many of each others stories and continue to do so.
The three symbols incorporated in the piece are the triskel, swan and sailboat each with bringing their own little piece to the puzzle. The Triskel is an ancient Celtic Symbol signifying the many cyclical triplicities within Celtic beliefs including life, death, and rebirth.
Ireland and Portugal don’t only share cultural and historical ties, but also geographical. Both countries lie on the edge of “the known world” with the great mysterious Atlantic ocean crashing on our shores. The sailboat represents both our countries histories of voyages, fishing and trade links. It also represents a journey and the possibilities for future travels and cultural ‘trades’ between our countries.
Finally, the Swan represents the Flight of The Earls and the O’Neil family. The Flight of The Earls is an important event in Irish history where Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone set sail from Lough Swilly and fled Ireland. To this day the O’Neil family remains present in Portugal. We have even met a brother and sister Pedro & Sara O’Neil on our travels here. The swan represents the ‘flight’ and travels from the lake in Ireland to new lands in Portugal, for a new start.”

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