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“Travellers have tales to tell”, and other wise words from Kone.

Kone is a long, long time friend of Garden. He is an artist from Cork, cand has been painting for more than 10 years, and in that time has developed a unique style combining illustration, street art and typography. 

We were lucky enough to have him as one of our featured artists at Port to Port 2020 (then online). You can check out a previous project we worked with Kone on here:

He said at the time:

“The project is a reflection on the historical and cultural links between Portugal and Ireland, while also inviting viewers to think of the future and where their roads may lead them. The proverb (seanfhocal) “Bíonn siulach scéalach”, as with many old Irish sayings, has no direct translation to English. It roughly translates, however, as “Travellers have tales to tell” and in Portuguese to “Viajantes tém estórias”.

That’s what Port to Port is all about! It’s no surprise we’ve had such a long-term collaboration. This idea, of cultural exchange and artistic influence, is what we strive for.

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