Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience

This is the first video of “Gardening with…” video series with longterm friend of Garden, Joaquim de Brito (aka Shaka). Shaka has been very supportive of the Garden project from the get-go and has also played several of our events with various projects. “Shaka’s lo-fi experience” is the name he has given this particular project with his berimbau and wall of effects pedals. It all started while he was living in Seattle in 2013 as a tribute to both Jimi Hendrix and his percussive master, Naná Vasconcelos. The piece recorded in this performance is titled “Refugee”.

“It is my solo act and the most personal in every way. I found myself making musical pieces about world events that in some way touched me, and so I used Shaka’s lo-fi to express those thoughts. During the refugee crisis in 2014, a lot of the coverage let the world know what was really happening through tough and literal imagery. That image inspired me to create this piece”

Shaka also runs the all-arts, all-ages Open Mic night in Camones Cinebar, which you should definitely check out if you are in Lisbon.

“Gardening with” is an ongoing series exploring the performance of sounds in all shapes and forms. Capturing that spark, the essence of an artist, as they perform their music live.

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