Confining yourself as an artist can be extremely creatively rewarding. And, after reading an article about the subject, Garden Collective member Emmet Coleman decided to try it. He has always been drawn towards longer shots (or “oners”) in films and the multitude of factors that go into making the shot interesting and fluid for the viewer. So, he went forth and created the LockedOff video series…


Locked off part 3 featuring Michelle Delea & Jarjarjr. Shot in Quinta da Arealva, Almada, PT.

Michelle Delea is a dancer, artist, poet, and all-round sound human being! She is a long-time friend and collaborator of Garden, going way back to our first-ever outings and events! We were lucky to catch her in Lisboa to record this video and capture her beautiful interpretation of Jar Jar Jr’s track “Close Encounter”.

“After years of sample-heavy releases, the producer has released a project that moves away from reworking other pieces and towards building a unique sound from scratch.” – Nialler9 on JarJar’s later release “Free Parking on Sundays”

“His use of vocal samples and jazzy chops have created tacit agreement in the hip hop community of his status as the Island’s best producer.” – District Magazine

“He’s a sound lad and we’re all very much looking forward to catching up with him over Christmas for a few pints of Beamish” – The Garden Collective crew.


The second installment of the “LockedOff” series, following on nicely from Colm K’s track “Beginnings”. The soundtrack comes from Cork artist ‘boy regan’ with his song ‘wantuanymore’ and it is beautifully interpreted by Portuguese dancer Laura Mendes.



This is the first video in a new Garden series entitled “LockedOff”,  featuring a track by Cork artist Colm K entitled “Beginnings”. It comes from his recent EP, Beginnings/Six Four Hundred, which was released earlier this year on Tiff Joints.

The video was shot by Garden Collective member Senhor Santos in Cacilhas/Almada, Portugal. That is across the river from Lisboa. Framed is Ponte 25 de Abril, one of the iconic sites of the Lisbon skyline, as well as much of the city itself.

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