Name: Inni-K

Where are you from and where are you based?
I’m from Co. Kildare and based, for the last number of years, in Dublin. Dublin is hot at the moment for music, for folk music especially. I really like the scene in Dublin. Whereas a number of years ago, singer-songwriters were in vogue, people are going out in droves to more folk kinds of gigs and traditional music gigs too. I find that pretty great! I travel a good bit to play music and always like coming back to Dublin.

“My heart was full with all the love and attention in the room. I just loved it.”

What style of music do you play and what drew you to it?
I play and sing what my heart wants to, really. That might sound quite philosophical but it’s the closest to the truth. I grew up immersed in traditional Irish music — playing fiddle and singing sean-nós style songs. I then got very interested in expressing myself more through songwriting and have developed a style now and continue to develop it. So I call what I do contemporary folk or indie-folk.

My influences range from Feist to Joni Mitchell to Joe Éinniú to Dennis Murphy & Julia Clifford to Bjork to Nina Simone…and on…

What’s your most memorable gig to date and why?
The most memorable gig I’ve played:
Whelan’s in Dublin, 11th April this year, when I launched my new album ‘The Hare & the Line’ with my full band. It was a packed house and such a special occasion playing a headline in that iconic Dublin venue, where I’ve seen some of my favourite artists and shows. My heart was full with all the love and attention in the room. I just loved it. The following day when we went back to collect our gear and hit the road to Galway for a gig, the room was in darkness, and it was a magic moment to remember everyone the night before — all the band that were with me and the shining faces in the audience.

The most memorable gig I’ve attended:
Feist in Cork Opera House a few weeks ago. She’s my hero, she held the entire audience of the opera house literally in the palm of her hand, solo for half of the show and then with her band. I have loved her music and her songs for many years. I have listened to them and developed a relationship with them as we do to songs privately, and so it was so special to hear the songs live.

Do you have any other projects outside of your music? What are they?
I teach sean-nós singing workshops in Dublin. I really enjoy sharing the old songs with people. They’re full of stories & history. I’m pretty much involved in music full time — I love collaborating with other musicians and artists and new projects which are happening all the time. Outside of that, I love dancing, cooking, I really enjoy theatre, films, but yeah my own projects at the moment are music — full!

Apart from the Garden Collective event, what are you going to do while you’re in Lisbon?
It’ll be my first time in the city, and I’ve really heard so much about Lisbon. People have told me I’ll love it, so I can’t wait. I’ll be mostly wandering around, soaking up the city, the custard tarts!!! And maybe swimming in the sea if there are any good spots! I’m really looking forward to it.

As well as performing at Garden, you’re also running a workshop. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
I’m very happy that I’ll be giving a sean-nós singing workshop also while I’m in Lisbon. That’ll be fun. The Irish Embassy has kindly helped support this. Well, it’ll be a fun, group kind of workshop where we’ll look at some Irish songs in the sean-nós tradition. I’ll explain a bit about the background of the songs, and we can go through the pronunciation and phrasing of the songs. It’s an aural tradition you know, so we’ll go through the songs bit by bit until people are happy they have it, or nearly have it! All are welcome, really no singing experience is needed. And if people just want to listen and hear a bit about this style, they are welcome to.

Have you got any other upcoming shows that Garden Collective members should check out?
I do, thanks for asking! All my upcoming shows are up on my website:
I’m just about to go on an Irish Tour to promote the vinyl release of my new album ‘The Hare & the Line’. That might not suit any Garden Collective members, but if you want to come to Dublin for a full band show on 1st Dec, it promises to be a great night! Other than that, I’ll have some European shows up in the new year on the website so folks can check that out. I hope to be back in Portugal before long.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
I quite enjoy Instagram and post there often, so if anyone wants to follow me there, please do! It’s @innikmusic. I’m also very active on Facebook & Twitter. Also, I’m very excited as I say, to release my new album on vinyl on 1st Nov! If anyone wants to, you can order the new vinyl now from my Bandcamp page.  You can also order my first album on vinyl or CD or download via that same link!

Listen and buy here:

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