Jamie Nelson / Chamomile Tea


This is an ongoing audio series consisting of all types of selections across any format (vinyl, digital, tape, live, etc) and any genre or style, from those deep 4/4 floor fillers to soundscapes and on into to the weird and wonderful. Really, it’s any format or genre the curator wishes to share.

The main aim of this project is to showcase musical journeys and the feeling within the music, as chosen by the participants. Whether it be a set you would play to a packed dancefloor or those personal tracks you play alone in your headphones, it’s about sharing the sounds that matter to you.

Artist: Jamie Nelson /
Mix name: Chamomile Tea

Recorded this mix one hazy afternoon at the v start of march before this strange era befell us. An innocent time when all I had to worry about was running out of chamomile tea/incense. Best enjoyed with a hot cup of the good stuff and a stick o’ Jasmin incense.

Expect classic hop hop, rare Dilla beats, strangeness from Harco Pront, phonk, dub, groove and herbal tea influenced ambient music. Enjoy! Stay safe out there and look after your head ❤

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