Behind the Scenes

As Garden Collective, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of artists, and as events and interest grew, we thought it would be nice to give people a peek ‘behind the scenes’, so to speak. We therefore set out to interview the artists we work with, getting a little insight into what makes them tick. ​


Foggy Aka. Francesco Pintaudi is an Italian-born and Lisbon-based artist who performed at Garden Collective’s September event. Find out a little more about what makes him tick in this Garden interview.

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Abia Karim

Abia Karim is a multi-media artist who displayed a series of analog photos in her Garden exhibit. Here’s a little look behind the scenes of her work.

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Clare Kelly

Originally from Leeds and now based in London, Clare Kelly made her way to Garden Collective to deliver a powerful solo performance.

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Jenny Hayes

Name Jenny Hayes Where are you from and where are you based? I’m from Liverpool, but I was based in Lisbon for about a year

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