The Shed

While now based in Lisbon, we packed our bags and headed back to greener shores for a much needed Cork party!

What a beautiful night it was! Thank you, thank, you, thank you to the massive amount of performers who did their thing, to all the artists who displayed their work, to all our friends who helped, to Róisín & Domhnall and to everyone who gathered in a shed on a beautiful October night, to share in the magic!

The visual artists were:

Alannah Matthews
Lisa Chan
Sara Leslie
Tessa de Blank
Juno Jardim
Niamh McGuinness
Rosín Modridge

Music & Words:
Lonely Tourist — Colm O’Brien is a solo artist from Cork with a strong trad influence who kicked of the whole event with some beautiful tunes. With recordings on the way, keep an eye out!
David Jackson — A Cork-native wordsmith who bought the much-needed poetry fix to Garden VIII, with a mix of stories and rhymes.
Elaine Malone — This psychedelic-folk (not funk) artist had just released their EP, entitled Land, and gave Garden a glimpse of what great tunes it contained.
Gaptoof — A producer who is making beats, and waves, in the Irish music industry.
Henry Earnest — A half-Irish, half-German pop sensation representing the label Herzog TV.
Spekulativ Fiktion & Mankyy — Cork and Clare meet for some hiphop goodies. They recently released a beauty of an EP called Effigies on Unseen Music,  a ‘must listen’ from 2018.
Yenkee — A six-piece band allegedly born of low-fi bedroom recordings from Graham Cooney. Just wow.
The Altered Hours — Anybody familiar with the Irish music scene won’t need these guys explained, they are a whirlwind of psychedelic and hypnotic tunes.
County Vinyl — The biys had us dancing to some vinyl grooves that kept us going ’till the very last whistle!

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